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THLAM Membership Registration Application Form

The Holy Light Assembly Ministries Membership Benefits

There are quite a few benefits why you should become a member & grow with


Becoming a 'Member of THLAM' allows you to join with an entire group of Chaplains, Auxiliary Chaplains, Christian Believers, Licensed Partners who have now covenanted to watch over you spiritually. Once you are a member of THLAM, you have an entire church full of people who are publicly committed to loving you and serving you and watching over you. What a special blessing!


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


THLAM Membership

More on the Benefits of THLAM

THLAM Membership Payment Form


Register now - $50.00 + tax

Thanks for Registering!

The Holy Light Assembly Ministries provides the atmosphere for spiritual, social and physical support that is not available in other social organizations.

Assurance: Membership is THLAM’s affirmation of the validity of a Chaplain or someone’s profession of faith (Matt. 16:19, 18:18). It should assure believers and/or non-believers of the genuineness of their faith.

Chaplain Protection: If you’re a member of THLAM,, our church’s Chaplains, combined with elders, bishops and pastors care for you, pray for you, and personally counsel and teach you. We are accountable to God for how we lead you. (Heb. 13:17)

Commitment: It commits you, a believer of Christ. It’s good to commit yourself to love and serve others. You will grow spiritually as you commit to encourage, build up, strengthen, serve, rebuke, and pray for other non-believers & Christians, along with an entire group of Chaplains who have now covenanted to watch over you spiritually. You also have an entire church full of Chaplains-ministers who are publicly committed to loving you and serving you and watching over you, the way it should be.

THLAM as a Safety Net: Being a member of THLAM means that a whole church full of people are committed to helping you live a life that’s pleasing to God,

Chaplains Membership with THLAM: Governing Body for all Registered, Licensed, Certified & Ordained Chaplains through the Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation. For all Chaplains, there is a One-Time Membership ID Card Registration Fee in the amount of $50.00.+ tax= $56.50

The THLAM Membership Payment Form is for ALL CHAPLAINS ONLY!!!

Note to ALL Chaplains: Please register above by filling out the THLAM Membership Registration Form Application & submitting it! You will receive a THLAM Membership ID Card by mail once it is ready.


Once you submit & we receive your THLAM Membership Registration Form, a link will be sent to you (within 1-2 days) with the method of payment options. You may also make a payment above in the THLAM Membership Payment Form. Any additional questions, please feel free to contact the COOCC Head Office at:

(437) 226-0043. 


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